maketa webu unikátní restaurace slunce

Case study Design of shopping experience for a unique restaurant

I design the web and mobil app for restaurant. In this case, I focused on a unique restaurant offering healthy eating with the possibility of filtering meals, for example, according to the number of calories, the type of food, the type of smoking program. The restaurant offers the possibility of booking a table, its uniqueness also lies in the ability to order food according to your own ideas.

Project duration

September 2021 – February 2022


About Designer

My name is Vera. As a solo designer, I was responsible for the entire design process from conception to delivery. Conducting interviws, paper and digital wireframing, low and hiwh-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accesibility, and itirating on designs.

Understanding the user

I began research by conducting targeted user interviews with people in order to learn ore about their experiences with toys shopping online. I asked some ended questions in the interview sessions so that the users can talk more about their daily life struggle.

I found out the needs of grandparents, parents of children, people with disabilities for online shopping.


User journey map

To empathize with users, we have also created maps of empathy and a map of user paths to delve deeper into every stage our personalities go through when booking a meal i a unique restaurant.

Problem statement

Identifying the problems users face is one of the most important parts of UX design. It is essential to have a solution to the problem. We did this by starting with clear problem statements for our primary people. We used „who, what, when, where, why and how“ to create these statements.
Then we created a hypothesis for a potential user experience. We later tested it in usability testing.

Crazy Eight (Ideation Technique)

Based on the hypothesis, I did several crazy eight sessions of exercises for all the best use cases. This set out the initial ideas for the application. But I made sure there were no prejudices. These proposals have been the subject of a turnaround / change based on formative and competitive research.

Competition analysis

Competitive audits are one of the many valuable steps you can take during the idea generation process. We analyzed the main direct and indirect competitors of our application concept and evaluated their experience based on our own 4-point framework in 5 pre-prepared categories. We also noted the information architecture of each competitor.

Starting the design

I started research by conducting targeted user interviews with people to learn more about their experiences of ordering food in restaurants. During the interviews, I asked a few final questions so that users could talk more about their daily lives.

I surveyed the needs of people interested in a healthier way of eating.

Site map

Storyboard is a series of panels or frames that visually describes and explores a user’s experience with a product.
To further empathise with users and see a bigger picture of the process we created many big-picture storyboards. Each storyboard represented a major user-flow. To further drill into their product experiences we made close-up storyboards as well.

Digital Wireframes

As the initial design phase continued, I made sure to base screen designs on feedback and findings from the user research.

Easy navigation was a key user need to adress int he designs in a adddition to equipping the app to work with assistive technologies.  

Low-fidelity Prototype

The low fielity prototype connected the primary user flow of building and ordering a good, so the prototype could by used in a usability study with users.

Refining Design


Early designs allowed for some customization, after the usability sutides, I highlighted the trailer for the current offer added additional options.

High-fidelity Prototype

A high-fidelity prototype is a representation of a final product that demonstrates its functionality. High-fidelity prototypes are a series of interconnected mockups that represent all the pages in a design. Prototypes allow you to demonstrate how your product will look, feel, and work before passing it off to the development team. 

The app offers several options for selecting goods – the current top offer of the store, based on client references, goods can be selected on the basis of video presentations or on the basis of topics.

Final UX Design

Final prototype of web in XD Adobe.


Unique Restaurant